Civil Demonstration Protest | Capital University, Columbus Ohio


Civil Demonstration Protest

  • Civil Demonstration/ Protest

    Capital University is committed to its goal of fostering a learning environment where free inquiry and expression are encouraged. The University expects those engaging in expressive activities to demonstrate civility, concern for safety of people and property, respect for University activities, respect for those who may disagree with their views, and compliance with University policies and applicable local, state and federal laws.

    Steps to Follow

    • Public Safety will monitor scheduled civil demonstrations.
    • Upon receiving a call of an unscheduled demonstration or protest, a police officer will be dispatched to the location to assess the situation.
    • The officer will advise the on-duty officer in charge of the situation and a decision will be made to assign additional officers.
    • If a demonstration is not allowed to continue, a designated member of CIMT will advise the demonstration/protest leader to disperse.
    • If the group refuses to disperse, the Public Safety will disperse the crowd using enforcement steps (up to and including arrests).
    • The University’s response to all press inquiries regarding civil disorders will be coordinated through the office of Media Relations and Communication.