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Special Interest

These groups represent the broad spectrum of unique interests of our student body.

Organization Directory

ACS on Campus

ACS on Campus is an organization that partners with The American Cancer Society to help spread awareness, raise funds, and support cancer patients on college campuses.  In addition to small fundraisers we do across campus like Pink Week to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we plan Relay For Life.  This is The American Cancer Society's biggest fundraiser across the nation. Help us create a world with less cancer and more birthdays! 

Activities Management and Programming (AMP)

Activities Management and Programming (AMP) is a fast-paced, student-centered organization that is always offering something new and exciting. We plan and implement fun, free events for everyone to enjoy while at Cap. Our office is in the basement of the Student Union, across from the Capital University Post Office. We are always looking for members to help us plan and implement events on campus. If you have any event ideas or would like to help us plan events, come to an AMP meeting!

AES Capital University Chapter

Join us during our studies of audio engineering as we peek our heads into the wide range of opportunities, cool pieces of gear, and wicked awesome opportunities.

Anime Club

The Capital University Anime Club is a welcoming environment for people who appreciate anime. We welcome all fans from those who don't know much about anime to hardcore watchers and everyone in between. We watch anime and discuss it. A great place to make friends and just unwind from the stress of college! Hope to see you there!

Beta Beta Beta

Beta Beta Beta National Biological Science Honors Society! Here, it is our mission to promote undergraduate research and scientific discovery. We have biweekly meetings, panels, service projects, and more! Since its founding in 1922, more than 200,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 626 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Boomwhacker Club

The purpose of Boomwhacker Club is to spread joy and music through the art of playing the Boomwhacker. A secondary purpose is bringing back elementary music class nostalgia and a chance to make and meet new friends as a social group.

BridgeUSA at Capital University

BridgeUSA is a multipartisan student movement that champions viewpoint diversity, responsible discourse, and a solution-oriented political culture. We are developing a generation of leaders that value empathy and constructive engagement because our generation will bear the cost of polarization and tribalism for years to come.

We believe that polarization is damaging our country and causing young people to either disengage from democracy or radically engage by fitting a partisan mold. Democracy is in danger if the next generation is disengaged and polarized because young people are the future of our country.

The purpose of BridgeUSA is to build a Bridge community — one in which students from across the ideological spectrum can engage as a group working together to understand — to bridge — the various perspectives behind the important political and social issues of our time.

We rise above party. We do not force unity or compromise. We believe in the Bridge Mindset- viewpoint diversity, constructive engagement, and a solution-oriented political culture

Cap Snaps

The purpose of Cap Snaps is to provide an open place where many students can bond over something they didn’t know they had in common with each other and to also learn about the art of photography and the way we can share different things with the world.


CapaThon is a student ran organization that works with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network to put on a Dance Marathon. The organization will do many different fundraising events and the one-day Dance Marathon during the school year. All money raised will go to benefit the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the hematology and oncology units.


The objective of this club is to get students involved in pro-environmental activities through outdoor recreation, volunteer and community outreach, and education. Students will be able to enjoy nature and further develop environmental consciousness.

Capital Barbell

Capital Barbell is a group based off of support and constructive criticism to help students learn the basics and fun of weightlifting. CBB also aims to set a solid example of teamwork, community, work ethic, and health here on campus. Members will be taught the basics of weightlifting, such as form and how to maximize their own strengths in the weight room, all while being surrounded by a supportive community. 

Capital Book Club

Book club for students who want to read without the pressure of deadlines and tests. The club will focus on casual discussion of one modern/contemporary fiction selection per month. In off-meetings, the club hosts social gatherings themed around books--coffee shop meetings, book store visits, movie and television viewings, table games night, and more. Off-meetings may also feature study on short works like poetry and short stories. Meetings are twice a month on Sunday nights.

Capital Disc Golf Club

The goal of the Capital Disc Golf Club is to provide a community for students who share a common interest in the sport of Disc Golf. The club will focus on providing a positive learning experience for those who are beginning the sport. Additionally, it will work to create an environment that fosters personal growth, on and off the field. If you have never played the sport, we are more than happy to teach you! We will provide Discs for you to learn. We will have many outings to local disc golf courses.

Capital Jazz Outreach Society

The goal of the Capital Jazz Outreach Society is to advocate for jazz at Capital, with an emphasis on engaging the Capital and Greater Columbus community. It strives to improve accessibility and understanding, in addition to providing outreach opportunities for the Capital Jazz program. 

Capital MCU Club

The Capital MCU Club provides the space and opportunity for fans, new and old, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and the multiverse of Marvel Comics content at large.

Capital Student Aspiring Educators (CSAE)

The OEA Aspiring Educators (OEA-AE) is a unique community within the Ohio Education Association (OEA) supporting undergraduate and graduate students as they prepare for careers in education. This community is active on Capital University's campus, providing members with the support they need to complete their education training and empower them to be active, successful and visible members of their profession.​ The Capital University chapter of OEA AE welcomes all students who have an interest in the field of education! 

Capital Survivor

Capital Survivor is a club established to host semester-long competitions in the format of the popular reality show, “Survivor.” The purpose of the group is first and foremost to provide an entertaining experience and simulate an intense game show on campus while providing students the opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships across campus.

Capital University Mancala Club

We meet regularly to teach the game of mancala and to play with friends. We also have regular tournaments for prizes!

Catholic Student Organization

CSO is an inclusive faith-based organization. While we are grounded in Catholic theology, we are open to all students. We strive to create a safe community where students can talk openly about their faith, learn from one another, and strengthen their relationship with God. Join us for our weekly Bible study and stay tuned for our fall/spring retreats, service opportunities and social events! 

College Republicans

The College Republicans represent the values of limited government, personal freedom, and individual responsibility, at the college level. We advance these ideals through education, political discourse, and activism, as we engage our peers and defend liberty wherever it is threatened.

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club is a welcoming space where people can create community through a shared love of creative writing. Everyone is welcome!

Debate Union

Our purpose is to participate in debates to better our understanding of speech, argumentation and the world. The Debate Union shall engage in debates throughout the year to inform and entertain the Capital campus. We will also bring in relevant speakers to speak on current and debate-worthy issues to members of the Union and the campus as a whole. This portion of the Debate Union will focus on college debaters finding, engaging, educating, and cultivating their peers into debaters on a more personal level than our Ludlum-Forum competition debate counterpart.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity that is open to all business majors! As a unit, our brothers work together to build our professional and social careers. We strive to give back to the community, build our network, and promote ourselves as upstanding business professionals while building great relationships with our fellow brothers. This organization is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious in its category.

Ebony Brotherhood Association

Ebony Brotherhood Association, otherwise known as EBA, is an Office of Diversity & Inclusion affiliated organization. EBA's mission is to support and enhance a positive image of Black men & women at Capital University. Many know Capital University is a predominately white institution. Therefore, EBA was designed to be a proud and visible place for representation for those most underrepresented in Capital. The members of EBA work to fulfill its mission through different programming each year. Our programs emphasize the overall well-being of our members and community- at large through community outreach, mental health awareness, and ally-ship with various campus community members. Many of our events are educational, covering various cultural and socioeconomic issues, yet are enjoyable and memorable for our Black community.

There is a common misconception that EBA is exclusively for members of Black men only. This couldn't be further from the truth. We feel that it is of the utmost importance to be a safe and welcoming organization for ALL members of our campus community to help us uphold the missions and values of our great organization.

Film Club

Welcome to Film Club, come watch with us! Join us for the opportunity to watch and analyze movies across all genres and find new friends that enjoy the cinema as much as you do. 

Houseplant Club

Housplanet Club's mission is to generate interest in both indoor gardening and houseplant ownership, create a community on campus, and educate students on how to cultivate their plants.

Music Fellowship Club

We are a collection of music students who have experienced packed schedules in the Conservatory with no time to run to the Main Dining Room or One Main Cafe. We are seeking to provide food to students who frequently pass through the lobby of the Conservatory -- the "fishbowl," as we affectionately call it. Any student can join regardless of major or music participation -- if you need food, you need food!


Capital University NASCAR Club is a social group focused on facilitating the enjoyment of NASCAR racing and motorsports on Capital’s campus. We welcome anyone on campus to come to our events, regardless of previous interest in or level of knowledge about NASCAR.

Phi Beta

Phi Beta Fraternity is the only national professional fraternity that encompasses all of the arts. While other fraternities specialize in theater and music, Phi Betas treasure their diversity and recognize that artists of all kinds can learn from each other while supporting each other professionally, artistically, and socially. One of the main aims of our organization is to promote the best in the creative arts and to develop each member both as a person and as an artist. We believe in giving back and offer opportunities both nationally and on the local level to serve your community.

Phi Sigma Iota

Phi Sigma Iota recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the study or teaching of any of the academic fields related to foreign language, literature, or culture. These fields include not only modern foreign languages, but also Classics, Linguistics, Philology, Comparative Literature, Bilingual Education, Second Language Acquisition and other interdisciplinary programs with a significant foreign language component.

Pre-Dental Club

The goal of this organization is to bring guidance to pre-dental students and give them a connection of people to talk to during the confusing application period that we all face.  It will allow pre-dental students to get more opportunities to learn about dental schools and listen to what advice dentists have to offer.

Pre-Health Association

The Pre-Health Association aims to provide a supportive community for individuals interested in the field of healthcare, including but not limited to students studying in a pre-health specialty through conversation, events, resources and opportunities. 

We are a space of growth and support for all students interested in the healthcare field!

Pre-Law Society

Pre-Law Society strives to connect undergraduate students with leaders and opportunities in the legal community by developing articulate writing and fostering free expressions of open debate on the most pressing legal matters of our time.

Psi Chi (Psychology)

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology. This organization unites leading psychology majors and minors with each other as well as other resources at the national level.


ReCap is Capital University's literary arts magazine. We publish poetry, prose, photography, and visual arts. Our staff is composed of well-qualified writers and artists who carefully choose each entry.

ROTC at Capital University

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Capital University is a dynamic program designed to develop leadership skills, military knowledge, and physical fitness. Our ROTC cadets balance rigorous academic studies with military training, preparing for rewarding careers as commissioned officers in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sister Network

Sister Network is an organization that was created to empower women on campus and encourage women to take part in service and personal development. 

Socialist Student Union

The purpose of the Capital University Socialist Student Union is to create a space where non-capitalist points of view are made to be freely expressed with a like minded group of people as well as allowing students on Capital's campus to become involved politically without necessarily being involved with a political party.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Student Athlete Advisory Committee or SAAC, is an organization at Capital University that focuses on the well-being of student-athletes and the promotion of Capital Athletics. SAAC is an NCAA supported organization that aims to create a successful environment for all students on campus that decide to partake in campus athletics. Participation in a Varsity Sport at Capital University is required for membership, but promotional events are open to all students. Recognizable events and promotions from SAAC include, the Annual Dodgeball Tournament, Pop Tab Collection for Central Ohio Ronald McDonald House, and Game Day Shirts. If interested in joining or learning more about what SAAC has to offer, follow us on social media or contact our organization President!

Student Athletic Training Club

The mission of the organization is to academically and to socially unify the students involved in Capital University's Athletic Training Education Program, as well as other undergraduate university students interested in Capital University Athletic Training Education Program or the athletic training profession. These individuals will be brought together through activities which will encourage scholarship, professional development, social interaction, and community service related events related to the field of athletic training.

Student Social Work Association

Student Social Work Association (SSWA) is a student organization focused on helping social work majors and minors apply what they're learning in classes and advocate for issues both on and off campus. We also host events throughout the year that all are welcome to!

The Doubter's Club

The mission of The Doubter’s Club is to model friendship and pursue truth together with people who think differently than one another. Both aspects must be present for it to be a Doubter’s Club: modeling friendship and pursuing truth with people who think differently. 

Modeling friendship: Both co-moderators put their friendship on display through being the first to talk about the topic voted on the time before.

Pursuing truth together: Although admirable, it is not enough to just have a group of friends who think differently. Real friendships help one another find out what is true, and they pursue that truth together. Call us crazy, but we think you can do that even if you think differently than one another.

Yarn Club

Yarn Club is a fun place to either learn a new craft or to build upon your already existing skills. We like to hang out, relax, and unwind with fellow yarnies. Join us for new, fun and engaging times together! 

Youth Mental Health Awareness Organization

The Youth Mental Health Awareness Organization is an interest group that focuses on researching youth mental health issues and informing the public about such issues. The organization will also work to promote awareness and prevention methods surrounding youth mental health issues.