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At Capital, we think highly of our students and alumni. You will, too.

It's true: We think pretty highly of our students and alumni, and we’re glad you do too. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to hire them for an open position or internship.

Posting a job or internship is easy and free on Handshake.

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Use the Handshake Registration Page to set up your account, or if you are already using Handshake, just add Capital to your institution list. For detailed instructions on registering and posting, please refer to the Handshake Employer Guidelines.

Capital has collaborated for many years with a consortium of similar Columbus-area universities who use Handshake. To also reach students & alumni from other schools, simply select these schools when posting on Handshake. 

About Internships

Students are encouraged to participate in career-related part-time jobs and internships. Our academic programs offer experiential learning in their curriculum, and many require internships or field placements. We share our internship listings with appropriate academic departments; you can list your internships with us and be sure that they are going to all the right people.

Existing Internships

If you already have an internship program, please post the positions on the free websites listed above.

Starting an Internship Program

If you’re just getting started, contact us and we'll show you the best way to connect with our students. And don’t forget to download our guide to Establishing an Effective Internship Program.

Internship Qualification Criteria

The purpose of an internship is to gain the type of experience that demonstrates preparation for a particular field.

Two main criteria must typically be met to qualify a position as an internship:

  • Someone must act as a mentor to the student.
    In other words, students are not just “handed a list of things to do”. Students must interact on a regular basis with someone who has experience in their intended field. This interaction should include instruction, guidance, and advice. In addition, some academic programs may have specific learning objectives or other criteria that must be met.
  • The internship must offer relevant experience in the student's chosen field.
    An internship should prepare students for a position in a particular field. Students may perform some clerical duties (copying, filing, etc.), but their responsibilities must be largely career-related.

For example, if an accounting office has a position that involves nothing more than answering the phone, making copies, filing and running errands, it does not qualify as an internship. But if students are also provided projects that involve accounting, reconciling, financial reporting or processing-related paperwork, then it becomes a learning experience related to their field, and would qualify as an internship.