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    Conservatory of Music

  • Welcome to the Conservatory—where your career in music always takes center stage.

    Music is your life. It's one of the biggest reasons you wake up in the morning. Your heartbeat sets the tempo for your next composition and you simply can't imagine doing anything else with your life and career. You belong at Capital University.

    We've been preparing students for a wide range of music careers since we opened our doors in 1919, about the time your great-great grandfather was listening the Louisiana Five top the music charts and legendary operatic tenor Enrico Caruso helped introduce the notion of global media celebrity. Since then, our graduates have established themselves as professional performers, teachers, conductors, composers and music business and industry entrepreneurs. Many enter the world of audio and video production, arts administration and law, while others go on to attend some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country. 

    We average over 200 events at the Conservatory each academic year and cordially welcome the community to most of them. Many events are free and open to the public, so come and experience the music on our historically rich and beautiful campus.

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    "Music is the common language of the world. World music is woven into the Conservatory curriculum."


    We're not saying that members of our faculty will teach you how to be a rock star (although they could). We're simply saying that our instructors are some of the best in the business—and in the classroom. That means you will be learning from people who, quite frankly, have been there, done that. As committed educators, they are prepared to share their knowledge, expertise and contacts so you, too, can orchestrate a career in music, whether your passion is classical, contemporary or somewhere in between. After all, Mozart was a rock star, too, in his day.    

    Next Stop, Carnegie Hall

    Lynda Hasseler
    Chapel Choir

    Under the direction of Dr. Lynda Hasseler, the prestigious Chapel Choir is considered the Conservatory's top choral ensemble and is well known for performing a wide range of sacred and secular choral literature. In 2016, the Chapel Choir will perform at Carnegie Hall during its Spring Tour.

    The Conservatory offers a wide range of opportunities for students to perform—from on-campus recitals and concerts to national and international tours, festivals and competitions. Regardless of your major, you can audition for any of the nearly 50 ensembles offered through the Conservatory, exposing you to the real world of musical performance. Here, there are no silos. Everyone performs with everyone. Everyone supports everyone. Music education majors perform alongside vocal performance majors. Opportunities abound, from bands and choirs to jazz groups, rock and electronic ensembles, a rich array of student- and faculty-led chamber music ensembles, studio ensembles and the Capital orchestra. There’s no question you will be challenged. But you'll be shaped into the musician you always wanted to be. You’ll be celebrated for your accomplishments. And you’ll become part of Capital’s influential network of artists who change people’s lives through music, from the thriving capital city of Columbus to New York, Chicago, D.C., Nashville—even Beijing and beyond.

    Find an Ensemble Right for you

    Life-Changing Skills and Experience

    Zach Conaway
    Zach Conaway, Class of 2016

    "It’s easy to daydream about what another part of the world is like, but when you’ve stepped on the land and witnessed it for yourself, your life has changed from that moment in ways that cannot be explained.”
    - Chapel Choir Ireland Tour 2014

    As a Conservatory student, your curriculum will include core music studies, classes that are specific to your chosen career path, a relevant liberal arts core curriculum that will teach you to think, broaden your perspective and prepare you for the real world, and electives that are designed to help you achieve your goals. In some instances, you can also develop a minor course of study or another major outside of music.

    Music is the common language of the world. World music is woven into the Conservatory curriculum. But you may also decide to immerse yourself and study abroad at our partner residencies in Hungary and Germany. Or you could tune in to the internship opportunities across the United States, like BET (Black Entertainment TV) recording studios in New York, OmniSound Studios in Nashville, Horse-Drawn Productions in Chicago and many, many more. Or you can stay in your own backyard with a residency at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Regardless of where you are, your learning experience in Capital’s Conservatory of Music will be rigorous and active. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, experience and contacts you’ll need to start building your career and impacting lives through music.

    Everything at Your Fingertips

    Like anything in life, you need access to the right tools and facilities to succeed. The Conservatory is proud of its impressive performance halls, including the 180-seat Huntington Recital Hall and the 900-seat Mees Hall Auditorium. At your disposal, you will also have spaces that are dedicated to choral, vocal and instrumental rehearsal, piano practice and chamber rooms, audio recording and production studios and suites that are second to none, computer and keyboard labs, smart technology and so much more.

    And while we're talking instruments, the Conservatory’s instrumental inventory is mind-boggling. Our world percussion collection is second to none. Our Hugus Memorial pipe organ, with its 70 ranks and 4,000 pipes, was designed specifically for Mees Hall Auditorium. Or how about our state-of-the-art recording studio with computers, MIDI instruments, microphones, mixing boards and electronic keyboards? Wind and string instruments. Drum sets. Steinways. You name it. They're all here, just waiting for you to bring them to life.

    Beyond the Classroom

    Capital is proud to call Columbus — the thriving metropolitan capital of Ohio — home. The Central Ohio music scene — and really the arts and culture scenes in general — is thriving. At Capital, you're just minutes away from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the Columbus Jazz Orchestra and the award-winning Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, as well as Opera Columbus and Broadway Series. There's also plenty happening right on campus, including Conservatory-sponsored workshops, recitals, clinics Opera Music Theater performances like Chicago, Pirates of Penzance, Cosi Fan Tutte, and The Magic Flute, and acclaimed events like the annual Christmas Festival, Honor Band and Reading Band Clinic, NOW Music Festival, Jazz & World Music Festival and the Early Music in Columbus concert series. In any given year, more than 200 performances fill the halls of Capital’s Conservatory. When will you step into the spotlight?

    Remember, this is your world. So don't wait another minute to start shaping it with your music. We share your passion for music, and we want to help you bring it to life at the Conservatory. But the first step is yours. Schedule a visit or an audition. Talk to faculty member. Explore our programs.

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